Illegal Immigration, Why cant we fix this?

This is the United States. Surely we can do better than we have lately. While I know that ICE has been enforcing laws that have been on the books for years, The results are very embarrassing.

Children in cages should not happen period! (Yes I know the photo was a few years old.) But the fact that it does exist embarrasses all of us. People from south of the US border are literally risking their lives to work in the US. Once they get here they are frequently forced to work in very inhumane conditions, are cheated on their wages. They are also frequently the victims of crime.

In reading all the news articles on the Illegal Immigration problem, I wonder if anyone really wants to fix this. I see that both sides(Why do we have sides?) propose that their opponents simply stop any effort they are working on.

There needs to be a program that meets the needs of the US. Plus allows for the labor that is needed. Maybe an improvement of the old Bracero program, Or possibly a program similar to Canada’s guest worker program.

Canada has imported thousands of guest workers each year for the farm industry. This program has been used for over 40 years. It is a program that is implemented with the Government of Mexico.

The existing US H2/H2A visa program has too much red tape, and does not provide the labor needed in a timely manner. Protection for the workers involved are lacking. Plus accountability of the workers after the visa expires is minimal at best.

If I was in charge I would create a program in cooperation with the governments of Mexico, and any other countries with a large migrant population.

This program would allow for the creation of Agencies similar to the Temporary Employment Agencies in the US. (Migrant Labor Agency.)

These agencies would be licensed by the governments involved. Host and provider countries. Host country would be the country that hosts the guest workers. Provider would be the countries that provide the workers.

The agencies would be responsible for vetting the workers (Drug test, Background check etc). They would also be responsible for any taxes, government fees etc.

The agencies would provide transportation to the US and back to the provider country. The agency would insure that visas do not expire while the Guest worker is still in the US. Either by renewing the visa, or returning the Guest worker to their home country.

Companies wishing to hire guest workers, would contract with one of the agencies.  Wages would be paid to the agency. The agency would pay the employees and properly account for all wages, taxes etc.

This program would provide the US with the required labor, Insure a supply of vetted guest workers, and insure that there is no overstay of visas.

The workers would have guaranteed wages, safe transportation to the US, and humane working conditions.

This would also allow ICE to concentrate on people who are coming to the US to commit crimes (Drugs, weapons etc)

Just 1 Americans thoughts.